Dubrovnik Countryside

Dubrovnik Countryside

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Dubrovnik countryside – Konavle, a place in the very south of Croatia, is the most southern part of today’s Dubrovnik Riviera, with whose purchase the Dubrovnik Republic rounded off its territory in the 15th century.Konavle is a region with particular natural beauties and contrasts: mountain and valley, green hills and naked stone. Fringed by the Konavle mountains in the North, bordered by the Adriatic Sea in the South, it reaches from the entry into the Bay of Kotor to the peninsula of Prevlaka in the East, and in the West, it inclines down to the cosy coves of Obod and Cavtat.
The preserved natural, unique and exceptionally precious rural architecture, numerous monuments of the thousand-year-old history of this area, traditions that are hundreds of years old and have been kept through folklore, the distinctive traditional costumes of Konavle and the Konavle embroidery, the harmony of man’s life and the nature …all this renders Konavle unique and recognisable.

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008Through the centuries-old history of the area, from Celtic and Illyrian times to the present day, in this region have changed different rulers, but they have not changed the basic characteristics of Konavle man, his personality and self-awareness, and his loyalty to the country and homeland.Different civilizations and cultures that have left their mark on the region today we can experience through the very rich material traces since prehistoric times to the present day.
If you want to immerse yourself into the distant history of Konavle region, make sure you visit Illyrian piles in Mikulići, Mithraeum in Močići or tombstones in Brotnice and St. Barbara church in Dubravka. Beautiful surroundings and heritage of the Republic of Dubrovnik is best to meet during visit of the mills on the river Ljuta or fortress Sokol Grad.
Specialty of the area and Konavle people is in distinctive traditional costumes and embroidery. The best way to experience the traditions of Konavle is to visit Sunday morning folklore performances in Čilipi.

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Dubrovnik Countryside
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